the cis tyranny

I’ve faced a lot of discrimination in my life. I grew up in one of the worst areas of Scotland – literally, the most deprived area in the UK. My family didn’t just encourage me to be creative – I was basically coerced into being an artist, despite how far away this led me from my peers at comprehensive schools. I loved football and was very skilled, but I wasn’t allowed to join a team because it was seen as hooliganism.
Throughout primary school, I had 1 friend, who then stopped being my friend once high school happened. I was constantly fighting, being made fun of, and simultaneously winning awards for academic achievement – the academic achievement stopped when I got to high school, within 4 years, I was floundering to keep on top of the workload, between bouts of intense depression.
Around 12/13,  I stopped taking Art materials home because if I did, bullies would make fun of me, kick my folder and try to humiliate me. The same happened with my tenor horn. I stopped progressing at both of these things. I had long hair, I was contrarian, but I had no friends. I was weak, malnourished, and didn’t know how to defend myself. I was good at football, but on the way back from the football field, me and my brother would regularly be threatened.
Its hard to put into words what it means to have all of your skills feel completely irrelevant – you cannot even practice what you like, despite that being the basis for your personality growing up. everywhere you go you are cornered. School was a prison, a ground of suffering for me. if I had a means, I’d have committed suicide at that time.
and I only survived because I used an online video game community to channel my skills in and to meet like minds.
So why is it that now Im simply ‘a white cis male, complicit in the patriarchal tyranny’? 🤔😂🤣
The sheer irony of this method of stereotyping! To think, you’ve analysed society , deduced that its unfair, and yet you’re so quick to create divisions. ‘Only those who are oppressed should speak now’.
I didn’t choose my side. I didn’t choose my colour, or my place, Im not proud of my country, and to be honest, I’d rather you stopped trying to identify me at all.
but hey, if you are going to identify me. to brand me. Im a white guy, I have testosterone flowing through me like a fucking river, and I like it. and Im straight – maybe sometimes a dude looks hot, but it pretty much never crosses my mind. So what? how disgusting that I don’t play this game with you.
truly toxic.
and the exact thing it aims to decipher!
prejudicial, discriminatory, lazy stereotyping.
Many of you who are so obsessed with identity would be best facing your radar towards whats causing you to focus on identity at all. Do a meta-analysis of your life and what drives you. Why do you care so much about identity?
To care about your identity is itself a problem, so we cannot solve this by confounding it. There are greater powers at play which are distracting many identitarians, such as your social media accounts, fashion, technology. All of these are simply greater elaborations of status symbology.
You’re all complicit in the beckoning tyranny of artificial intelligence dominating your lives in 50-100 years. 🙃
A lot of you have your heart in the right place, but you’re orienteered badly. You won’t solve this problem by denouncing all white people. You move on the grounds your forefathers (such a patriarchal, offensive term soz) paved with ideals of equality, not silencing. Wake up please.

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